Thursday, January 26, 2012

An angel

My day started out with this...

while I stared at this...

Then I made my to-do list for the day. Short, but do-able.

All this before my little one woke up. 

Then it was breakfast time for her.

And after we got showered and ready for the day... I felt even worse than the day before. Ugh. I was sick. So...

the rest of the day I laid low. Drank lots of water. And laid low.

Then my hubby called.

His car had broken down on the way to work.



So, Brookie and I packed up to pick him up later in the afternoon.

While he figured things out...

Brookie and I enjoyed the fresh air and looking at all the fun trees.

The Lord was looking after us. There was nothing seriously wrong with his car. He was just out of gas (his gas gauge is off and the light is always on).

So thankful.

Luckily, when James broke down on his way to work, there was a kind stranger...

a 22 year old man who is going through chemo for testicular cancer

who was there to stop traffic, help James push his car across the street and into the parking lot of a church, and take him to work.

What an angel.

So now, we must pay it forward. I pray for the opportunity to help someone in need or maybe even be their rescuing angel.

Needless to say... my to-do list went basically undone. 


there is always another day. 

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