Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pura Vida

We spent the night in last night. Our faces were stuffed with Costco pizza (it's the best), soda, and apple torte. Yes. Two nights in a row of apple torte. And it was oh so good the second time around.

(bored during the game)

We watched the national championship game, LSU vs. Alabama. Oh my heck. Boring. Kind of a waste of our evening. Hopefully tonight will be a little more entertaining or productive.

Earlier in the day, Dev was willing to run errands with me. What a great helper he is to have around. Brooklyn is very entertained by him. She was a good baby and slept the whole time we were in Costco. Deven and I took our time and enjoyed all the yummy samples they had to offer. Brie cheese. Crab dip. It was a good sample day at Costco.

Another positive to the day was the arrival of our Pura Vida bracelets. If you've never heard of them, go check them out. I had mine on before I could even get it out of it's cute little plastic bag. If you do decide to get one, good luck choosing. They have loads and loads of colors. It makes you want to buy atleast 10. I'm wearing Tangerine Tango. I love it. However, it does make me crave summer just a little bit.

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