Monday, January 30, 2012

Errands and things.

This weekend was epic.

2 runs to Forever 21 - 1 fail
Greek food
Silhouette creation
carpet steamed & cleaned (thanks again Chels) 
house cleaned
3 colds :(
Fashion Place run
pizza in bed
teaching a YW lesson
neon lipstick

lots and lots of errands.

Seriously. I was the conqueror of errands this weekend. I should get a trophy, or even just a medal. A gold one. On Saturday morning I woke up and thought to myself. Self, stay in bed. You still have a cold, don't get up. So...I got up and got started on my To-Do list. It was a doozy. But boy was I ready to git 'er dun. I am a running errand queen. I have strategies and rules. Let me share.

First, you must shower. (ok not a must)

Then, put your pearls on. I'm serious about this one. You'll feel like you can run a marathon with your pearls on. Like you took a lot of time getting ready and have somewhere very fancy and important to be to later. I'm talking earrings here, but the necklace would work too. 

So your pearls are on. Then, pull your hair back. A high pony if you will. This will keep your hair out of your face and help cut down on any extra frustration the errands may cause you.

Make sure your watch is on. Knowing the time is a huge help to me. Plus, it's nice to see how quickly you're getting those darned errands run. Ran. Runned? (JK Dad)

Have your shopping lists in your hand (don't leave them at home, on your bed).

Plan out the best most effective route to accomplish your errands in the shortest amount of time possible.

Get yourself a treat. I'm a believer in this one. For me, it was oriental rice crackers from the one and only, Kitchen Kneads. Good thing I had to pick up more 9 grain oatmeal.

Lastly, make your husband go with you. Mostly for the social aspect but who doesn't love to spend time with their husbands on Saturdays? Really. It's more fun. Then they can use their muscles to lift the heavy things, like 16 pound babies in car seats and such.

So those are my tips and tricks for running errands. Nothing ground breaking I know. In fact, I'm sure everyone has lots of other great tips that are way better than mine. But the next time you run errands, remember the pearls


I found this beaut in JCrew and haven't stopped thinkin' about her since.

I also found a few other treasures to spend some bday/Christmas moolah on this weekend. More on that another day.

In other news...

Brookie gets shots today.


And I wore neon lips to church. Do it some time. For real. It makes you feel empowered and fancy.

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