Thursday, January 19, 2012


(cozy in the car)

When Brooklyn and I got up this morning, it was dark outside. Gloomy. I immediately said, "ok, today is a cozy lazy day. We're just gonna stay in our jammies and watch movies."

Almost immediately, I started cleaning the house. Why does that happen? It's like there's a guilt I feel as soon as I say outloud that I don't want to do anything productive.

So...I lit my favorite candle and got to work. I left the lights dimmed and let Brooklyn roll around on the floor. I started laundry and swept the kitchen floor.

Even though I was working, it still felt so cozy. I was so happy and content. So grateful. My baby is healthy and happy. My husband has a job that he enjoys. We have a good home. I get to be home with my daughter every day. And I love it. 

So much to be thankful for on this cozy gloomy day. I could definitely have this kind of day more often.

(picture courtesy of Uncle Dev) 
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