Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas day. We spent time with both our families and had great weather to travel in this year. However, it just didn't feel quite like Christmas without the snow.

We woke up early and opened gifts at the Ruesches.

We got spoiled as usual.

Then we headed over the mountain to the Holmes residence to open more gifts.

(Brookie was a distraction to her aunts who were putting off getting ready for church)

Ok, we didn't actually open gifts yet. We only looked through our stockings and saw what Santa brought. Then it was off to church.

I got this grand idea back in October that we should have a formal Christmas dinner. I think everyone thought I would forget about it...

Well, I didn't.

So, after church we got right in the kitchen to make up the food from the recipes I had collected for dinner.

(parmigiano reggiano cheese for the potato recipe from Rachael Ray)

(Aunt Barbara's grapefruit & avocado salad and dressing)

My mom and sisters were troopers to help pull the dinner off. I even put Kayla in charge of creating something beautiful above the table using the ceiling fan and it looked amazing.

(this picture doesn't do it justice)

The table looked beautiful.

While everything was baking we finally opened presents. Haley was a trooper to wait so long, but she said it was worth the wait. After presents, everyone got dressed up, as per my request. It was so fun.

And James put Brooklyn down for a nap so we could enjoy dinner.

I loved every minute and I'm glad my family puts up with all my crazy ideas. But secretly, I think they loved it too.

Brookie woke up and opened her presents.

We ended the night with more food.

Crab cocktail, slush, and brownies with peppermint ice cream & hot fudge...

It was a great Christmas and we feel so blessed to have the families that we do. We're grateful for the Savior and His sacred birth. Such a wonderful reason to celebrate.

And a happy happy anniversary to my husband.

i love you.

happy 4 years!

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