Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Break Continues...

Yesterday, James and I took Christmas down. Definitely bitter sweet. But our house is nice and clean to start the new year. Brooklyn was such a good baby while we got everything done. She entertained herself and basically was on the floor all day. Good baby.

We headed to Park City later so that I could do a little birthday shopping and then on to Coalville. We had our second "Snowy River" movie night and watched The Return to Snowy River. Such good movies. And I had never seen them before.

Today I am spending my birthday with my family. I woke up to a happy baby. Gosh I love her. All the men {husband, dad, brothers, BIL} headed to watch the BYU bowl game at Doug Toole's house so today will be a girls' day. I'm fine with that.

My birthday will end with a repeat of the dessert we enjoyed on Christmas day:

brownies and peppermint ice cream drizzled with hot fudge. Happy birthday to me!

(Anniversary - waiting in the car at Red Lobster)

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