Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Today, Chelsea and I were on the hunt for some Cheerwine. If you've never heard of Cheerwine it's because we don't have it here in the West. I've heard about it from James because he had it when he lived in North Carolina, and I've actually tried it because Dev sent some home from North Carolina during his mission.

It's good stuff.

I thought it would be a good addition to our Christmas dinner this year and was determined to get it.

I knew that the awesome toy store in Provo, Blickenstaffs, had it. We headed there first. This place is amazing. Toys, candy, and anything else a child could dream of.

(tree made of everything candy! all of it!)

We, however, were interested in the vintage soda. When we finally found it, we discovered only 3 left. Darn. But, little did we know that this was a good thing. Chelsea ended up getting this amazing peach soda and it also led us to an awesome store in Draper to find the rest of the Cheerwine we needed.

So onto Draper we went. We found the store quite quickly and were pretty curious when we pulled up.

It definitely had our attention. But the inside. Oh the inside. There was a cheese room! I was in heaven. Tons of cheese. Every kind you can imagine.

(this weighed more than Brooklyn)

There was also a whole wall of any kind of specialty or vintage soda ever created (ok that's a little dramatic). And of course, they had Cheerwine. The store became a fast favorite and we definitely plan on going back very soon.

(yes, that is Apple Beer in the bottom right fave)

The day ended with Tori's birthday dinner at Robintino's in Bountiful. We enjoyed pizza and pasta. Brooklyn enjoyed all the lights, decorations, and ceiling fans. Tori turned the big 18 so it was a pretty special birthday. She used her birthday magic to make Brooklyn fall asleep in her arms. So cute.

All in all, fun fun day and a good evening with great family and good food.

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