Friday, November 11, 2011

What a night!

It started out like any other.

James came home from work, I started dinner, James kept Brooklyn entertained, and we sat down to eat.

A very simple (kinda ghetto looking) dinner.

Then we all got into something decent... and by that I mean, I had a hoodie on and James wore basketball shorts. But Brooklyn looked so cute sporting these adorable shoes. She definitely looked the best!

(thanks again Kalea!)

We were on a mission, to get a Bumbo. We had already been to Target once during the week and they were sold out of them (we have a gift card there). So we thought for sure, 2 days later, they'd have more.

Well, they were out again.

And so was another Target, and another, and another. No joke! Holy cow! We were getting SO dang frustrated. We had been up and down the whole Salt Lake valley.

So after a burger at In-N-Out (yes we did already have dinner, it was for James), 2 solid hours, lots of miles put on the car, and a tired hungry baby, we ended up at the Wal-Mart right by our house.



they did have one, and this makes the night totally worth it!


h a p p y  11/11/11


h a p p y  w e e k e n d !
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