Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FHE and Traditions

We had a great weekend. So much, in fact, that I was obviously too tired to blog yesterday. But it was a good one!

sloppy joes
snow storm
chili cook-off
The Holiday
long talks
pumpkin sage pasta
family time

You get it. Lots of fun and lots of time spent with the ones we love.

Today, Brooklyn and I got super brave...

we went to check out H&M and Crate and Barrel

Brooklyn was so good. The loud music in H&M woke her up however, but she just smiled. I think she was a tad overwhelmed. The store was packed and the music was crazy. But, lots of retail goodness surrounded us. I can't wait to go back when it's not super crazy.

Crate and Barrel ended up being my favorite of the two. Wow. I found lots of treasures that one day, I hope, will make their way into my home and kitchen. Oh I can't wait to go back. Man.

For our own little FHE tonight, we bundled up

(she's wearin' H&M before me - thanks Katie)

 and went over to Gardner Village to pick out a new ornament for our Christmas tree. One that represented something for 2011.

We found the cutest little ladybug ornament that we decided was very fitting. We call Brooklyn "Bug" all the time, like "cute bug" or "sweet little bug", and she was a ladybug for Halloween. It was an easy decision.

Walking around with all the cute Christmas elves and lights set up definitely got me giddy for the holidays. We strolled around for awhile and ended the night with pastries and hot chocolate. So good.

Back at home, we ended the night with a Christmas movie. No, we are not skipping Thanksgiving, we love and cherish that holiday. We just have a lot of Christmas movies to get through before Christmas, and traditions to do before everywhere gets too busy with other holiday goers. It was fun. Chilly, cozy, and fun.

Hopefully there's a nap in our near future...ok, my near future.

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