Friday, November 18, 2011

Sweet Tooth

Last night my hubby brought me home not just one cupcake,

not even two,

he brought home 2 cupcakes and cakebites...just for me.

(I shared them - promise)

And of course, they were from my favorite cupcake shop in town:

Sweet Tooth Fairy.

What a little sweetie!

He chose awesome flavors: pumpkin chocolate chip, pumpkin cheescake, and the cakebites were Fairy-fetti.

It tasted like Christmas.

This Saturday we get to taste Thanksgiving, can't wait.

We also enjoyed a visit from one of my best friends since childhood, Kalea and her husband Conrad. They were down here for the Twilight premiere. Always good to see them and catch up!

Happy Weekend!

(sporting her new hat from H&M)
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