Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our little 4 month old...


13 lbs 1 oz
24 1/4 inches

50% in both

(at 2 month check-up - 10 lbs 22 inch)

(at 6 days old)

She continues to be more and more of a blessing in our lives every day. Today was her dreaded (for mommy) check-up, shots and everything.

Luckily, James was able to come with us. He missed out on all the fun at the last one (NOT!) so it was nice to have him come this time.

I had him all geared up for the worst. I told her he got to hold her face and kiss and love her during the shots. He was heart broken to think about what lay ahead.

So we got in there and Brooklyn turns into a show dog. She talks and coos and smiles and shows off every way she can. Mary Poppins/Dr. Goodwin just talks so cute to her and is impressed with everything she does. We continue to love our visits with her.

(getting her undressed to be weighed and measured)

(Daddy giving her a pep talk - she adores him)

The nurse came in to do the shots and my stomach was just sick. I was glad James was going to be front and center this time. I tried to distract myself by reading some materials Mary Poppins had given me and I waited for the scream.

I waited...

and then heard a little whimper.

That was it?

Yay. That was it!

Her eyes welled up with tears but only a whimper came out. James was fast to wrap her up and pick her up. We both smiled and talked to her and told her how brave she was. She smiled at us through her tears.

Oh we love her. Never in our wildest imaginations did we think we could love someone so much. She is our world. And we're pretty dang proud of her.

*She does the cutest thing where if you're holding her or someone else is and they smile at her (or you do), she smiles back a big grin and then buries her head in whoever's holding her. It is my favorite right now! I love it!

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