Thursday, December 1, 2011

The 'get ready'...

for Christmas...

was Monday night at our home. There was Christmas everywhere! But luckily for only a few hours and then it was all in its' place and looking so festive.

Such a warm feeling when the tree is up and lit, and all the fun knick knacks of Christmas decor are expressing the joys and true meaning of Christmas.

Brooklyn wanted to help.

James put up the tree and I decorated it. Brooklyn was content to watch the happenings and be right in the mix with Mom and Dad.

She has loved looking at the tree every night and in the early morning hours. I think she already has a little Christmas spirit.

These two were tuckered out tonight after square dancing at young women/young men's.

No, they didn't participate. They just watched me sweat to death and try and keep up with high school kids. It really was fun though and we had a great turnout. More boys than girls even. Because our ward is so small, we invited two other wards to come. Everyone seemed to have a great time and really get into the spirit of square dancing. We called it our Fall Social, and we barely made it, it being the last day of November and all.

Welcome welcome December.

I've been anxiously waiting for you!

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