Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Big Girl

For the past week we've been working on making the transition from little crib/our bed to BIG crib.

It went well in the beginning but we've hit a few rough patches. We're no longer sleeping through the night. Sad day, but we're working through it.

Brooklyn was super excited about being in her big crib the first time I put her in it.

(no worries - the animals and dolls don't sleep with her)

We're hoping that before we know it, everyone will be sleeping nice and snug ALL through the night. Obviously, probably not realistic, but I can still hope right?

For now, we'll take turns getting up with her. Frantically searching for her binky to pop in her mouth and stop the crying, and adjusting the volume on the white noise. It's quite an adventure.



look what we did today.

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