Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday Night

I am definitely a fan of Groupon. Last night we used one for Red Maple Chinese, along with half the other people there at the restaurant. We even ran into some cousins. Dayton cousins. We give the place 2 thumbs up. Mmm it was good!

The atmosphere was good and everyone was super friendly. Brooklyn and her daddy had a little bonding time while we waited for our food.

(2011 - 1986 - 1985)

The food was awesome! It tasted good and there was a lot of it! We definitely recommend this place. There was even a stage set up at the front of the restaurant, but we weren't lucky enough to see a band or enjoy any sort of entertainment. Maybe next time!

(and this was just MY food)

After dinner we went to pick out our pumpkins at The Great Pumpkin Patch, a quaint little place on Redwood.

They had a great selection of pumpkins. The prices were written on the bottom of each and that definitely helped decide our pumpkin fate. What was even better were the cute red wagons filled with hay to help you with all your pumpkin decisions. We were very happy with our purchase.

Brooklyn loved the pumpkin patch. There was so much for her to look at in every direction.

There was even a hint of scary!

The air was crisp but still warm enough to not need a jacket. We walked around for awhile and just enjoyed the fall atmosphere.

Brooklyn was good all night. She slept at the restaurant while we ate and then she was quite content at the pumpkin patch to just look around and be snuggled.

We can't wait for FHE on Monday so we can carve our little beauties up and eat some yummy doughnuts.

Hooray for nights like these!

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