Monday, October 17, 2011

Chinese Weekend...

only because after our Friday night at a Chinese restaurant

we ended up eating at the BEST Chinese restaurant in Utah on Saturday night

The food was spectacular! This restaurant is Chandler and Whitney's favorite, and the reason we went to eat there. So thanks you two!

My parents were there as well and we all had a great time visiting and eating until we were sick! Afterwards, Whit and Chandler came over and we all went to Win-Co to get some late night snacks (like we needed more food!). We also went to see the 'Halloween Display' that we enjoy every year (more on that later).

Sunday was typical. Brooklyn did well during sacrament meeting and even got to go to Priesthood with her daddy. What a lucky girl! That evening we went to a family dinner at James' grandparents' home. Again, there was lots of eating and visiting. Brooklyn got passed around as usual and behaved herself pretty well.

Our weekend was great and we are so much enjoying the stage Brooklyn is in right now. In fact, she laughed for the first time Sunday afternoon. It melted our hearts! James had her propped up on our leather chair and started dancing and jumping around in front of her. She got the biggest kick out of it and just kept laughing. Oh my gosh. I could hardly stand how cute it was. James was dripping with sweat by the time it was all over, but we both couldn't get over how much we loved watching our daughter laugh. What a simple and very precious moment that we will never forget.

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