Thursday, September 8, 2011


So, we basically had tomatoes for dinner. I'm not complaining. It was delish! We had home grown beauties from my aunt and uncle and also from a kind woman that James works with. It was an awesome dinner!

Here was the line-up:

baked parmesan tomatoes - recipe here

salsa - tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro (the cucumber was also from my aunt/uncle's garden), salt n peppa

black bean & cheese quesadillas

It was nice to have a {vegetarian} meal after a steak and potatoes dinner the night before (thanks again hun). We love food around here. Make it fresh and straight from the garden and we love it a little more!

2 awesome things today: I finally got a step stool! Now i'll be able to reach my top shelves in the kitchen, bathroom, and my closet! Secondly, Pumpkin Roll came out and I am slowly moving up the waiting list at the library!

I'm craving one a these:

(RMCF - Apple Pie Apple)

Such a good Fall treat!

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