Friday, September 9, 2011

10 stylish staples you should own...

for Fall. Or I would say, just in general. I normally do not watch Kathie Lee and Hoda but this segment topic caught my eye. I'm a list-girl so this kinda stuff always draws me in! So here's the list, along with the things I DREAM I had.

1. a beautiful/fun serving dish


2. blanket or throw in your living room

(Little Giraffe)

3. personalized stationary

(Tiny Prints)

4. signature scent-perfume or candle

(Henri Bendel)

5. facial routine


6. cashmere sweater

(J Crew)

7. lingerie

HA HA - this is private!

8. every day tote

(J Crew)

9. fall jacket


10. party dress


I'm not doin too hot - I have 4 out of 10 - of course not these specific items. If only money grew on trees. But hey, it's always fun to dream!

Bonus of the day: I haven't watched Ellen for 2 weeks because they're all re-runs right now, and I swear I've seen them all. So I randomly decided to watch today and guess who was a guest?

If you know me well you'd be able to guess...

that's right...

I love him!

*Check out to read about my sister's college adventures so far at USU. Go Aggies!
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