Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Brooklyn's day started off like this.

A nice nap.

We went on two walks and she absolutely loved it. She smiled and talked the whole time. After dinner, Daddy got her busy walking around. She loves to do this. James holds her up and she literally takes steps. It's adorable. I laugh every time.

Takin a break...

(look at those cheeks)

Walkin on Daddy. She even walked on his face. It melts our hearts.

Then it was my turn to work out. James and Brooklyn came along to keep an eye on me. I was so sore. I ran like an old lady. No joke. But it was good to get out there again. Brooklyn could sense that I was almost done and started screaming in her stroller. Fun for James. I finished as fast as I could and got back to the car to find James consoling her and Brooklyn sucking on her wrist. She was starving.  

So while James loaded up the stroller, I did my best to make her happy without actually feeding her.

It worked until I strapped her into her carseat. Darn it. She screamed the whole way home until she was in the process of eating.

It was such a good night though, being with my little family. Not only does that make me incredibly happy, but so does working out and warm fall nights. It was perfect outside. This time of year gives me the chills and I get so giddy. I love it.

I hope there are lots of these perfect fall nights with my family to come this fall. There's nothing better.

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