Thursday, September 22, 2011


My day yesterday:

-fed Brooklyn
-bathed her
-dressed her
-showered and put my make-up on
-fed her a little more
-went to YW presidency meeting
-fed Brooklyn
-laid her down for a nap, and I tried to nap
-played with Brooklyn
-started a batch of wash - Brooklyn pooped on our sheets
-got dinner started
-James came home, I kissed him goodbye and went for a run
-came home to my sweet baby and husband enjoying the fall evening, she loves to be outside!

-my parents and sisters came for a visit
-we watched the premiers of The Middle & Modern Family - SOOO good!
-ate chips, chocolate, and drank cream soda
-said goodbye
-enjoyed the rest of the night with my little family

Not a very productive day, but I loved it. My days are good. They are filled with so much love and happiness. Brooklyn is such a light. I love caring for her. I love taking care of my home. I love doing things for my husband. I love when he comes home. I love when he holds our daughter. I love this life. It gives me butterflies just to think about. I cherish it. There's nothing else I would rather do. This is my life and I love it.

(Daddy wore her out)

She did have the cutest outfit on earlier to show her daddy, but she pooped in it. We'll give it another try today.

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