Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall, fall, fall

I decorated for Fall the Friday before Labor Day. I couldn't help it. We had a busy weekend going on and I knew that I wouldn't have time during or even on that Monday, so I got a head start. I couldn't help it. Summer was basically over, football had started, so I felt justified. Plus, I knew that I'd be decorating for Halloween less than 30 days later. I didn't do much Fall decorating this year. Just a few touches. But I love the way it helped ring in this new season.

Today I had to choose between reading my very 'fallish' book


play and snuggle with this very 'fallish' girl.

I chose the girl.

We went on a nice long walk and took a nap. It was heaven. On a sad note, she outgrew newborn diapers today and started in 1's. Sad day for Mommy.

So we're ready for fall, minus our flannel sheets, still too warm for that. We've enjoyed dinners with great produce from the season and look forward to lots more!

Looking forward to the weekend. Or should I say, birthday weekend???

We will be celebrating James' birthday Friday night at his parents' house with a BBQ and BYU game (let's pray they play better than last week).

Saturday I have lots of baby showers to attend and lots to do with James and Brooklyn. Such a great time of year. My favorite!

h a p p y  w e e k e n d !

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