Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Best of Friends

Brooklyn and I had a few visitors yesterday...

(I love how he's lookin at his mom)

They wouldn't look at each other so Syd just sat Brooklyn right on top of him. He started to smile and wanted to play. Brooklyn was oblivious. But it was so dang cute.

(Duffy was holding her hand - so cute!)

I loved being able to hang out with Syd, Lilee, and cute little Duff-Man. I miss seeing my friends. We try to get together often, but we're all living in different places, and now with babies and kids it makes it a little harder to get together. But when we do get together it's always a good time and we can pick up right where we left off. I am grateful for the good friends that I have. I appreciate it more and more as I watch young people struggle through high school and beyond with problems with their supposed 'friends'.

Friends have your back. They are fun to be with and they want to hang out with you. They drop everything when you're having a rough day to come and lift you up without hesitation. They make you want to be a better person. They encourage you and don't drag you down. They really and truly care about you.

I'm grateful to have not only friends in my friends (make sense?), but I have friends in my family. My mom, dad, and my sisters are also my friends. Whitney and I were always friends because we were closest in age, but Kayla and Haley have definitely smuggled their way into being 2 of my other best friends. I love them! 

My sister-in-law Chelsea is also one of those family/friends. I'm so lucky to have her and we definitely have a good time together. Even if it's sitting for hours chatting and doing absolutely nothing else. We have a lot of the same interests and expectations. We have each other's backs.

I could go on and on ---my cousins, my aunts, my grandmas. They are great friends to me. I love and appreciate them so much!

My husband is also my friend. I'm afraid I don't quite fit that description for him. I'm not as fun as his friends. But he is definitely my best friend. We have been through a lot together. We have fun together. We love each other. We know each other. He's a great friend to have around and I love him.

* I'm sure everyone has heard by now...


I am so excited for one of the new stores announced to be at the City Creek Center...

Tiffany & Co!

I really like this ring...

But I might just have to settle for a bag...
it's just as cute right?

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