Thursday, September 15, 2011


Last night we made the short trip to Coalville to go to the alumni assembly for Homecoming week at NS.

My dad was being honored for coaching and I didn't want to miss it. It started out with a question on the game show "North Summit Stars": What event took place in 2000 to bring back the spirit of the Brave? The question went to Marge Simpson (Gina Black), "oh I know. It was when that cute Coach Holmes moved here." X gets the square.

There was then a musical number dedicated to my dad by a few students. It was the song from Wicked, For Good. I got emotional, my dad got emotional, we all got emotional. This was followed by a few of his past players talking about what they learned from him as players and as people. Then all of his past players in the audience came on stage to present him with a plaque. My dad was touched. He cried. There was a standing ovation. It was a touching moment. 

(the picture on the left is my dad and brother hugging after a state championship)

I'm so glad we could be there, including my siblings. It was a neat thing for my dad. It's times like those that make me never want to live far away. Far away enough that I miss things like that.

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