Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Sunday was Brooklyn's blessing day. She had a lot of support from our families. James gave her such a beautiful and tender blessing. It was such a special day. One that I will never forget.
(Mommy getting me dressed in my blessing dress)

She wore my blessing dress that was given to me by Aunt Barbara and Uncle Tom. Aunt Barbara bought it in the Philippines. Jalee made her darling headband. She looked so precious!

We blessed her in my parents' ward in Hoytsville and because we had such great support, we had the luncheon at the high school to accomodate. We are so grateful for all of those who were able to come and even for those who couldn't make it. Everyone has been so supportive and generous.

(Great Aunts Julie & Holly - cousin Carol)

(Aunt Barbara and Elder L. Tom Perry)

Aunt Barbara will be like a second grandma to Brooklyn just like she has been to me. She came to visit every day while we were in the hospital when Brooklyn was born. She never came empty handed. She either brought a gift or a big bag of the most delicious cherries I've ever had. We love and appreciate her so much. What a special person to have in our lives. We appreciate them taking a big chunk of their busy Sunday to be with us for this special occasion.

We served pulled pork sandwiches, chips, lemonade, and cupcakes. And everyone contributed salads and cookies and brownies.

(Cupcakes - white w/chocolate frosting & lemon w/lemon cream frosting. Recipe here)

Brooklyn didn't make a peep during her blessing and she slept for the whole meeting, so I couldn't complain when she started to cry because she was starving. So I ran home to feed her and missed getting pictures of some people. I feel bad because I wanted to document the whole thing and everyone there so that Brooklyn could see who was there on her special day. Unfortunately this did not happen. So we'll just be grateful for the pictures that were taken.

(Great Grandma and Grandpa Petersen)

(So lucky to have these pictures)

(Grandma Diane and Grandpa Jerre)

We were worried that Brooklyn might wake up and cry during her blessing, so Grandpa Jerre had a purple binky in his suit pocket just in case. :)

(James did such a wonderful job with her blessing)

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