Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1st Hike

we took Brooklyn on her first hike on Saturday evening. It was the perfect weather for a hike, not too hot with a little breeze. I was excited!

Brooklyn was patient with Daddy while he got the carrier ready.

She loved being snuggled so close to her dad. She slept the entire time. She was in heaven.

I had hiked Ensign Peak a few times before and never noticed any graffiti, but boy, there was a lot of it that night. Maybe I've only hiked it at night, or was too out of shape to notice before.

We got started up the trail determined to get to the top before it got too dark, but we made the mistake of stopping to get a turned into more picture taking and less hiking...

(with the flash)


Then, it got too dark.

So we hiked up a bit more and then headed back down. Brooklyn hadn't made a peep the entire time,

until we got to the bottom where she made a loud peep.

(1st diaper change in the car)

It really was such a fun night out, especially to be outside. Brooklyn loves to be outside. It's definitely nice for me so that we can enjoy lots of walks together until the weather turns cold. We ended the night meeting up with Whit and Chandler at Culver's for some custard. Again, if you've never been there, GO! It's one of our favorite dessert spots. Not good for my hips however.

So excited for conference this weekend!

(and I love Salt Lake too)

Not so excited for Brooklyn's 2 month check-up today. Pray for her...


for her mommy.

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