Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Today was an emotional day at the Holmes house.

Auntie Googs moved out and is ready to start her new adventures in Logan at Utah State.

That house will miss her. She's definitely the loudest of the Holmes children. Constantly singing or doing crazy voices, she is one of a kind and will be 'a breath of fresh air' in her new home.

Poor Haley gets to adjust to being the only child at home. She's been spoiled to have 4 older siblings around. Now it's just her and mom and dad. I'm sure she'll be visiting Whit and Chuck a lot!

But Haley has a lot to look forward to as well. She has 3 more years of high school and cheer to soak up. Lots of fun ahead for her too!

She knows she's welcome down here with the Ruesch's any time. Brooklyn can't wait until Aunt Haley has her license so she can come down and take her out for ice cream or to the mall for a new outfit.

Change can be good.

Googs will love her new life in Logan,

Haley will have tons of fun as a sophomore this school year,



the Ruesch's,

we'll just enjoy getting to see and spend time with these two fun aunts whenever we can!

We love you.

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