Monday, August 22, 2011

family filled weekends + Happy Thoughts

Brooklyn and I went school clothes shopping with Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Googs, and Aunt Haley.

Once again, she did so well in her car seat and loved being pushed around the mall in her stroller by Grandpa.

It was nice for me to be able to get out and walk around a little bit while enjoying some good family shopping time.

We even extended the trip and had lunch at Olive Garden...

once again, she was so good!

I really think she knows when she has an audience. Really.

(nap with Grandpa - she was asleep until I took the picture darn it)
Afterwards, we rounded up Daddy and we headed up to Coalville to celebrate Chandler's birthday.

That night, Brooklyn had her first sleepover. She slept right between Grandma and Grandpa and only got up once to be fed. What a good baby! I think Grandma and Grandpa were a little more excited about the sleepover than she was.

Tonight it was our turn to host James' family for Family Home Evening. I served Lemon Basil - Grilled Corn Pasta. It turned out pretty yummy. I paired it with rolls, baked beans, raspberry jello, and cantaloupe.

Chelsea added a delicious banana cake as dessert. So good. She left some extra for us to enjoy and right now I have 3 pieces starin me down.

A little while before everyone headed home, Brooklyn had a bit of a melt down. I fed her, she screamed, I rocked her, she screamed. She was tired, hungry, and mad.


I put her in the shower with her daddy.

She lOVED it.

She was so relaxed and mellow...

Until I took her towel off to put her diaper, lotion, and jammies on.

Darn those jammies.

It was a great weekend. I only wish they lasted longer. It's nice to have James around all day. I miss him when he's at work. He's working hard for our little family and we love him for it!

Happy Thoughts on Monday

1. my house is vacuumed...ahh...bliss

2. I get to spend all day with my little miss

3. James starting the dishwasher = clean dishes!

4. my new lip gloss!

5. a full tank-a-gas

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