Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Add a day...

to the B A B Y countdown.

Little Miss B will not be joining us until July 26th now.

When I was first told this I was a little shocked/sad/mad/ok/not sure how to feel,

but now I'm ok. It will give her one more solid day to cook in there, and that's just fine with me.

And it's a good thing.

I still feel like I have lots to do, but I have no motivation to do it. Seriously.

I have a nice check list of things to do before Tuesday,

but instead,

I did 2 batches of laundry, including our sheets (not on the list),

made bread,

went to Great Harvest and swimming with Whitney,

read some more of my book,

made dinner,

cut James' hair,

and watched Friends.  

These things were all fine and dandy. I was grateful to spend time with my sister because we don't get to do that very often one on one. James really needed a hair cut and I love watching Friends. But my 'Baby To Do List' is still gathering dust and waiting.

And now that the pressure to get things done has been delayed 1 whole day, I'm feeling a little too comfortable about my time frame.

I need to kick it in high gear and get going!

But to start off my day tomorrow, I'm going to go get these:


A girl's gotta have cute toes when she's on the operating table right?

(feeling large and in charge)

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