Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

The weekend was great. Relaxing. Pretty uneventful. Lots of family time.

So nice.

The BBQ on Friday night was so fun. I miss my Holmes side. We used to live across the street and could see each other whenever we wanted. Getting together seems so rare now.

(cute little Molly snuggled in between James & Chuck showing them how to use the I Phone)

Grandma Jackie looked great. It made me so happy.

Colb and Nataley are moving next week to IOWA so it was good to see them one last time before the big move.

We took lots of pictures and ate A LOT of food.

Saturday morning we left Coalville bright and early so James could play football in Kaysville. They had a great time. Not to mention, 19 guys showed up! I think they've found a new group of friends.

We went swimming with Jeremy and Chelsea in North Ogden at North Shore, way fun. And not to mention, relaxing! I used sunscreen but still managed to get a little sunburned...on my of the only sides of my body I sleep comfortably on right now.

Sunday, James came with my to the care center. We picked up the YW and enjoyed a sacrament meeting there. We then attended our regular meetings.

Afterwards, we headed up to Kaysville again for FHE. Chels made BLT Mac & Cheese and it was superb! James and I were in charge of dessert so we made Chocolate Waffles, with ice cream and caramel. (I may have found a new family tradition)

We ended the weekend watching the guys light fireworks in front of Jeremy and Chelsea's house. My husband is a pyro! They loved lighting the fireworks and we loved sitting and watching.

One more weekend until the baby's here and boy is that going to come and go quickly!

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