Monday, June 6, 2011

Up on the rooftop...

Friday night was date night. A double date night.
We went to the Rooftop Concert in Provo with Jeremy and Chelsea and had a wonderful evening.

We thought we got there plenty early, but ended up setting our chairs up near the back...we thought...

but boy were we wrong!

TONS and TONS of people showed up after us. We actually ended up with great seats. Compared to those who stood in the aisles and against the cement walls.

We snuggled into our camping chairs, blankets and hoodies on, and just enjoyed the music.

Ryan Innes got the show going and he was GREAT. I'm still kicking myself for not buying his cd. He really is good. I liked his stuff. A lot.

We got to hear Mindy Gledhill...yay!

She was awesome. And also pregnant like me and due in August like me.

And we got to hear Meaghan Smith. Never heard of her until that night, but she was great. Her voice was very smooth and her songs were catchy.

Cjane was there as well hosting the great event. What a character she is! I get a kick out of her.

(here she is singing back up for Mindy, and pregnant as well)

A great night. On top of a roof. Lots of music. Fun people to sit next to. And even a real pie shake that my sweet husband stood 45 minutes in line for. What a guy!

(my face is looking more and more pregnant every day)

I'm 32 weeks TODAY! 

pic tomorrow.

Until then, I'm gonna go get in my nice scrumptiously comfy bed and dream about summer things, things I can't wait for!

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