Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Borrowers

Saturday night, James and I were happily suprised to find out that my family was coming to Salt Lake to go a to a movie. A movie? The Holmes family? Wow. That does not happen...EVER. I can count on one hand the number of movies that we've gone to together as a family. It's just never been one of our activities to do together.

So after finally finding a theatre that had the movie my mom desperately wanted to see, we settled into our seats at the most expensive theater in the Salt Lake valley. No joke.

James and I got a large drink - $4.75
My parents bought a popcorn and 2 drinks - $16
Whit and Chandler bought a drink and a popcorn - $12

Something Borrowed was the movie. I give it 3 stars, mainly for the funny parts. I sat next to Kayla, and that girl can laugh. Very enjoyable.

Afterwards, we went to dinner at Winger's (yes, more popcorn...gag). We were all so tired that anything and everything was funny. Overall, a good family night. It's fun to be able to go out and do stuff like that every once in awhile with my family. Mix it up a little. I definitely couldn't handle it all the time. Too much adventure. :)

(I see you Wer)

(yes, I only wear dresses to work now...my pants don't fit are un-comfy)

Sweet: Dr appt today!
Sour: I have to get my finger pricked

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