Monday, May 23, 2011


Saturday I drove down to Provo to watch my sisters at State Track. They both did well and the sun was out! I loved it! However, my arms did get a little too much sun.

We all went out to lunch, minus the two tracksters.

They have the BEST onion rings!

Their team ended up taking state. Awesome! So proud of them!

(Kayla's on the far right)

(Haley's the blonde in the middle)

Sunday was Kayla's seminary graduation. She sang a duet and did a great job. Afterwards we had root beer floats and no bake cookies (lots of sugar!).

Haley thought that after all that dessert, her tummy might be as big as mine. Is she kiddin'? Not even a close race.

HAPPY MONDAY! This weekend................................... SPRING HAVEN! Can't wait!
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