Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3rd Trimester

Last night, the baby rang in the 'new trimester' by doing somersaults and twirls at 3:30 AM. I guess she is celebrating making it this far. I couldn't believe how crazy she was being. This morning she was calm as could be, only making her regular morning movements. What a little character she's going to be.

And maybe she was just doing her own rendition of the Lady Gaga song we heard (remade) last night at the production of Pirates of The Carabiner at the Off Broadway Theatre. We went to support one of James' co-workers who was by far the most funny in the play. He left us tickets at will call and where did we end up sitting?

Front and center. Front row. A foot from the stage. We both giggled for a minute because we were going to be right under the actors' noses. If you've never been to the Off Broadway Theatre, you must go, it is quite the experience. That's all I'm gonna say about that... {smile}

James is taking the day off today to study for 2 finals he has tomorrow, and of course to hang out with me since this is my last week before I go back on track.

What are we going to do today...

maybe this...

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