Monday, May 2, 2011

Women's Conference 2011

Once again, I am spritually fed and I am full. Women's conference was great once again and I am so glad I was able to attend.

I went to a lot of good classes and spent time with lots of family.

(Whit and I in the first class of conference)
 My favorite class was, "By Your Hands I Will Work a Marvelous Work". The speakers were four sisters, two of whom I read their blogs every day (nienie and cjane). They were so real and talked about real life things. They had the crowd moved and laughing the whole time. I couldn't help but think about my three sisters and how we too share special bonds. It made their thoughts and stories so special to me because I can relate to the closeness they share. 

(the Clark sisters - Nie's outfit was so darn cute!)

The concert Thursday night was fabulous! There were so many good artists and guests. Kirby Heybourne (the RM and The Best Two Years, and more) was the MC and he was great! David Osmond, Hilary Weeks, Josh Wright, Jenny Oaks Baker, and Vocal Point were also there to perform. It was such a good two hours! I {love} the concert!

Elder Bednar and his wife spoke at the closing session. Sister Bednar is very animated and has lots of energy. I really enjoyed her talk. Elder Bednar spoke about 'small and simple things' and how if we focus on those small things, it will bring big blessings. They definitely brought the spirit with them.

I feel so blessed to live in a place where I can easily attend a conference like this. It helps me recharge and reevaluate my role as a woman in the church. I love understanding my purpose and learning how to fulfill it in a better way.

(Whit, me, and Manda)

(Aunt Suzanne, Grandma, Mom)

(the group - I missed getting a pic with my mother and sister-in-law)
After two days of being spiritually fed I was ready to see my husband again. I hate spending the night away from him. He met up with me (and the Reynolds family) to celebrate my cousin Melissa's birthday at Mi Ranchito's in American Fork. I love that family! James made me love him even more when I got home and the house was spotless! What a good husband he is! 

* We're in the 3rd trimester! Wahoo!!!
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