Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bills, bills, bills...

The title has nothing to do with this post, I just can't get the GLEE Super Bowl version out of my head! I L O V E D it!

A few days into my bed rest...

(yes, I have just one more post about the pregnancy and then i'll go back to other kinds of posts. But I really want to remember the details of this one.)

I was just layin there in bed, and my phone started ringing.

I didn't recognize the number, not even the area code.

Usually I don't answer numbers I don't know.

I thought, what the heck...

So, I answered, "hello."

"Hi Melinda, this is Sister Thomas from the Charlotte North Carolina mission."

H U G E lump in my throat.

Tears blur my vision.

Heart starts to pound.


I couldn't talk.

A little background. My little brother is serving a mission in North Carolina. This was his mission president's wife calling.

She continued,

"your cute brother asked me to give you a call."

Lots and lots of loud crying (from me).

"We had a zone conference a little before Christmas and Pres. Thomas gave a talk on several women in the scriptures and how they had a hard time conceiving a child. Then he told the missionaries that I had the same problems. It took a long time for me to get pregnant. After the conference, your cute brother (she kept saying that) came up to me and explained your situation and said could you please call my sister?"

I still hadn't really said anything. I couldn't, I was an emotional wreck!

I was so touched by this. My 'cute brother' thought of me and wanted to help me however he could, even being so far away.

She told me they were praying for me and that everything would work out in the Lord's time.

I thanked her for calling.

And then she cut out.

I put my phone down, buried my face in my pillow, and then I sobbed for a good ten minutes.

It was the sweetest most touching experience.

I won't ever forget it, and I hope I can one day give something back to Deven like he gave me that day.

That simple phone call meant so much to me.

I will never forget it.

I love you Dev!

p.s. he thinks it's a girl...

p.p.s. I bawled writing this :)
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