Friday, November 5, 2010

crepes & skinny jeans

kayla & haley came down to the slc to keep my company while james was at work & school until 8 last night.

we went shopping for skinny jeans and coats,

ate all sorts of crepes and toppings (thanks hun),

and snuggled in my bed watching SNL clips and a nice big helping of hellcats :)

it was nice,

and oh so fun.

it was sad when they had to leave,

but they have there very important high school social lives to get back to,

for kayla, a big tour of the best campus E V E R...USU!

and for haley, a nice hard workout for cheer.

they're awesome sisters.

can't wait til next time!

(one of our FAVORITES! sorry about the ad before, but it's totally worth it!)
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