Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mouth watering...

ALMOST every week in the past month,

i have gone to one of my favorite stores E V E R!

it's a salt city candle company outlet store in layton.

there, i found a true love...

the german streusel cake candle.

how's this for a description?

Rich, buttery streusel tops hand-kneaded dough and fruit and cream cheese filling in a delicious dessert reminiscent of Old World Germany. The perfect way to remind you of times spent around the table with family, you can't help but smile when you smell the rich aroma of our German Streusel Cake scented candles. With a scent that can make you hungry just by smelling it, this candle is perfect for the kitchen or dining room. German Streusel scent notes feature: cinnamon, caramel, nuts, chocolate, spice and bread.

it's burning in not one

but TWO

places in my house right now.



just in case you want to go get one of these scrumptious candles...

here is the INFO you need!

oh and did i mention that it was only $7.99?
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