Monday, November 8, 2010

Up & Down

i had a hard time trying to give this post a title because my thoughts and emotions are everywhere.

i'm grateful, scared, humbled, hungry, sad, worried, hopeful, glad...

see what i mean.

this past week has been a crazy one with ups and downs.

UP: going to cheesecake factory to celebrate my cousin's birthday in style!

photos = ha ha, one day i'll have an AWESOME camera!

the birthday girl

wow, i look...angry

DOWN: finding out my "adopted" brother has cancer and will be cutting his mission short to come home and receive treatment.

UP: going through the temple with not just 1 but 2 of my cousins for their endowments.the boy cousin, not pictured here.

mackay and i getting a kick outta something

UP: driving to cokeville, wyo and watching another 2 of my cousins in a playoff football game...and they WON!

UP: getting to finally give that "adopted" brother of mine a big hug, look into his eyes, and see faith, strength,and hope.

this week was full of family and friends. i am blessed.
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