Tuesday, December 1, 2009


james and i made the trek up to cokeville wy with whit and chandler thursday afternoon after james participated in a turkey bowl that morning. he and his brother organized a big game here in taylorsville. i made hot chocolate and took doughnuts, but learned that next year i'll just take water. boys don't like eating and drinking hot things after running around playing football. my camera was dead so i didn't get any good pics of that dang it. on to cokeville, it was SO fun! dinner was so so yummy as always, and i made a new record. i only ate 2 rolls, seriously, that's good for me! i did eat 2 pieces of pumpkin pie to make up for it though! every single person on that side of the family was there. i felt so blessed that day to be surrounded by such great people! after dinner, we had a jewelry buying party! aunt suzanne brought up a bunch of different stuff and we (the females) went crazy! i got lots of cute things! that night all the young (not i) went over to the high school gym for all sorts of sports. the older ones (like me) stayed home and visited. great company to visit with! i love all my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents! that night we watched star trek. i actually fell asleep...i did all i could to stay awake, but it didn't happen. after that movie, aunt holly insisted that we watch just the funny part in the proposal. great movie! we all laughed and laughed! then, i pulled out a video i have of dev dancing at my apartment about a month ago. everyone was dying laughing! he's such a talented kid! the next morning, the older females headed to montpelier, id to do our traditional black friday shopping. it's the best! no people, no lines, great deals, and the best company! our car rides there and back were very eventful. we had music blasting, hair flowing, voices singing...so so fun! i got that on video as well! after the shopping trip, we did a big family picture out in the backyard. they turned out SO cute! it's the last time the family will all be together for years to come (due to all the boys going on missions). james, whit, chandler, and i headed home that night. we stopped at their house and i helped whit half-way put her kitchen together. we love those two! the next morning james and i went with his family to the byu/utah game. it was quite entertaining, i just love football! on sunday we had thanksgiving dinner with james' mom's side. so good to see all of them as well. such a good family! i love my in-laws! so all in all, this thanksgiving was a blast! james and i have so much to be thankful for this holiday season. we couldn't be more blessed!

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