Thursday, December 17, 2009

2 wEeKs! and counting...

well... i decided i'd be tough and blog about this very tender subject. i know some of you probably think i'm a baby, but i really do not do well with goodbyes! my family is very close so it has been a pretty tough thing, BUT we are all being brave and doing much better two weeks after this really hard day! dev entered the mtc on december 2. we all stayed up late the night before talking and laughing, trying to avoid tears! we all went to be there when he was set apart and you would have thought we were sending him to the slaughter house! lots and lots of tears! it really made me realize how much i love my brother and my family. on the way to the mtc we stopped and ate at training table, which was so yummy by the way! then we slowly headed over to the mtc. no one had shed a tear until we ran into colby richins! (one of dev's best friends who had gone into the mtc a month earlier) dev just couldn't help but cry, which made the rest of us cry! we talked with colb for a minute and then had to say our goodbyes to dev. what a hard thing! i was going to be really brave and not cry, but i sobbed instead. it was really hard to see my brother cry and be so scared about the unknown. luckily, i didn't have to watch him say goodbye to my parents. they drove him up to the curb to be dropped off. ohhh! reliving this is not fun! i have not cried for several days! anyway, he is doing well and flies out to north carolina on monday. we will get to talk to him on christmas! i can't wait! enjoy the pics from a crazy chapter in our lives! and a few from a fun night with em and rex at the cheesecake factory! mErRy cHriStMaS!!!

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