Wednesday, November 25, 2009

dEv's fArEwELL!

this past sunday was dev's farewell. i seriously can't believe it! he should still be a little boy! the meeting was great. kayla spoke first and did an excellent job. she read a poem my dad wrote for dev. there wasn't a dry eye on the first two rows (family). dev's talk was awesome. he's such a good kid. he had so much support from family and friends. there were chairs all the way back to the stage. the dinner afterward was great as well. lots of good food! it ended too quickly because of a snow storm. everyone was scrambling to get on the road as soon as it started to snow. james and i drove all the way to park city and had to turn around because chains or 4 x 4 were required to go over parley's. so we stayed in coalville and left bright and early the next morning. it was a great weekend! i'm so proud of dev and his decision to serve a mission. i can't believe he leaves in a week!

* pics from whit and chuck's wedding, dev's b-day dinner, and dev & his best friend goofing around the morning of dev's farewell

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