Tuesday, July 28, 2009



I know that I have a few things to catch up on, but for now, a tag sounds a lot more fun to do!

4 Random Things I Like About My Husband
* I love that he's a kid at heart!
* I love that he finds random places to kiss me (a.k.a. my knee cap!)
* I love how he can look at both sides of a situation
* I love that he is SO easily entertained!

4 Movies I Can Watch More Than Once
* Tommy Boy!
* Steel Magnolias
* Dennis the Menace
* 50 First Dates

4 TV Shows That I Watch:
*does the news count?!
*Law and Order: SVU
*So You Think You Can Dance

4 Places I've Been
*Las Vegas

4 People Who Email Me Regularly: And I email back
none actually, not much of an e-mailer these days

4Favorite Foods
*all things potatoes
*anything my mom makes!

4 Places I Would Like To Visit
*North Carolina

4 Things I'm Looking Forward To In The Next Year (or two)
*starting a family
*James getting more school done :)
*going to more temples
*watching James be a dad

4 People I Tag
*whoever has time!
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