Monday, July 20, 2009

cLiNtOn dAyS!

this past weekend james and i headed to clinton (utah) for the festivities of clinton days! friday night we ate dinner (ribs!) with james' fam and then headed to bed because we had an early morning ahead of us. tori is a student officer at clearfield high school and it was her turn to host the rest of the student council for breakfast before the parade saturday morning. so we were all up by 6 and getting a delicious breakfast of belgian waffles and all the toppings, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, juice, and milk ready for the hungry teenagers. it turned out really nice and the food was delicious! the parade followed and we had fun there hangin out in the sun! later that day jeremy & chels, gary, and james & i headed to a pool on base to have a little pool time. chels and i enjoyed chillin in the shallow end cooling off from the sweltering heat while the boys re-developed there sweet diving board tricks! gary took a book and was content to hang by the pool and swim a little bit. the water was great and we all had a great time! that night we headed over to the fireworks. it was quite a sweet firework show. we had blankets and plenty of cookies to make it that much more enjoyable. we all had a great weekend and can't wait for clinton days next year!

tori and the clearfield falcons!

i was SO excited to see Brooke Walker from Studio 5!

the missionaries!

chels & jeremy soakin up some sun!

james' sweet trick!


we LOVE fireworks!

the fam at the fireworks!

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