Wednesday, July 15, 2009

LaKe pOwELL!

every two years my family gets to spend time on my uncle and aunt's houseboat in lake powell. it is a much anticipated event! we had such a great time! lots of sun, plenty of swimming and food, and memories made that will last forever!!! james was so brave to not only jump off the top of the houseboat (no one could pay me enough to jump!)but he DOVE! lots of times! he also jumped off a cliff along with my other brave cousins and brother and sisters. i'm a wuss! but that's fine with me! we had such a great time! i am proud to say that i (along with whit and camille) were the only ones to flip the tube. scary, but so so so fun! i have the bruises to prove it! i was videotaping most of the trip so i didn't get hardly any pictures so thanks to those who i stole pics from! and i can't figure out how to make them any bigger...sorry! thanks again aunt holly and uncle scott! we love lake powell!!! can't wait for 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!

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