Monday, August 24, 2009

eNd oF sUmMeR!

24th of July in Cokeville!

Manda's Bridal Shower!

Manda and Mackay's Wedding Day!

Kayla as a 'grandma' in the parade!

I've had a rough my husband wanted to ensure I would sleep by constructing this 'window cover' so that our room would stay dark...he's sweet!

Colb and Nataley's Wedding Day!

Camping in Fairview! (we LOVE our tent)

BBQ at Macklin and Chelsie's house!

James and his long time buddies!

We LOVE summer and this one definitely wasn't long enough! James had a week break between semesters and started school today at the U. I start 'school' tomorrow (the five year olds come) so we are going to be SUPER busy from here on out! Goodbye summer!!!
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