Tuesday, May 26, 2009

aNniVeRsaRy, dEv'S graDuAtion, & no dOuBt!

So... James and I met 2 years ago on May 18th (crazy!!!)! I definitely feel like we've known each other longer! To celebrate, James took me to The Cheesecake Factory to eat. I love that place! We enjoyed so much eating together just the two of us. I can NOT believe it's been 2 whole years! Love you hun!

This past Friday was Dev's graduation :(. He was the Valedictorian! I have to brag because there is no way in heck I could have accomplished that. He had to speak and did an awesome job! I can't believe he is done with high school. It seems like just yesterday he was just a little boy, my little brother who was shorter than me! I cried through most of the graduation knowing that a mission is the next step in his life...shocker that I would cry! Ha ha- Dev had a lot of support there that night and I was reminded how blessed I am to be a part of my family! Love you Dev!

Last night I went with Britt and her roommate to the NO DOUBT concert - it was awesome! Gwen Stefani is so talented and her body is ripped! She was awesome to watch (I wish I could look that good after having 2 kids!)! We had general admission tickets so we got WAY close to the stage! Awesome!!! The down side of the concert was: being squished next to A LOT of people, standing in a puddle of beer, and mean ladies! Ha ha, long story! I only took a few pics with my phone and they are not great at all! Overall it was a really fun night and way good concert! I LOVE concerts!

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