Wednesday, April 15, 2009


yep, you guessed it! anyone who knows me, knows that i LOVE and have LOVED britney spears since i was 12 (not for her singing obviously). anyone who knows me knows that i use to record ANYTHING and EVERYTHING she ever performed just so that i could watch it over and over again to learn her choreography. she's come to utah 3 times during this span of time and i FINALLY got to see her live! thanks to my dear sweet hubby! now he wasn't around for my 'obsessed' days, but obviously, he understands how 'obsessed' i was, and how much i LOVE choreography (especially her stuff)! anyway, this dear sweet husband of mine, suprised me with tickets last friday night! i couldn't believe it! i was so excited (almost as excited as i was for my n sync and justin tickets) :) of course he came with me and we had a blast! not only did britney perform but the pussycat dolls did as well!!! i LOVE them too! and they were awesome! i definitely enjoyed them a ton, but i couldn't help but be overwhelmed with excitement (don't judge me!) when britney finally made her entrance! i was squeezing james' arm off :) (you know he loved it!) the concert was more than just a concert too, it was a circus, freak show, dance competition, and MORE! i loved every second! i'm so glad my husband accepts my weird obsessions and still loves me for it! i LOVE him more than any choreography or pop princess and i LOVED hanging out with him last night!

After the concert was over, we ended up waiting in the lds bc parking lot for about a half hour trying to make our way out. so enjoy the pics we took while we were chillin in the car!

* I could hardly contain myself before we even got into ESA!

*only the beginning of our 'photo shoot' :)

*the serious face (ha ha)

*doin the face girls pull to 'secretly' try and make their face look skinnier (you know who you are!)

*hideous! james and his great ideas for poses

* wow! you'd think we had drinks at the concert

* work it hun...

* oh ya!

* my 'pouty' look

* are you embarrassed for me? ya, me too

*and you thought you'd get to see awesome pics of britney and the pussy cat dolls!
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