Thursday, March 19, 2015

an update with an overload of pictures.

i have a lotta pictures and only a little brain power. so, i'm going to give a very few-worded-breakdown...

the weekend:

lots of family time

swimming with friends

an instacare visit (paranoid about an incident at the pool that we thought may have resulted in a secondary drowning. haven't heard of it? look it up!)

addie's royal birthday party

planted our spring grass


visited grandma & grandpa brown


met up with the jeremy ruesch family after dinner for dessert at pizza pie cafe



rainbow pancakes for breakfast

story time at pottery barn kids (along with sidewalk chalk and tattoos)

another visit to grandma brown's

park time


tracy aviary ($1 wednesdays all through march!) with chels and ellie

and there you have it. a sloppy update, but an update nonetheless. we're hoping this weekend to get in some more park time, cousin time, a date night, auntie googs is coming to stay with us, and maybe even a nap.

h a p p y  t h u r s d a y 

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