Friday, March 13, 2015

a good thursday.

today started off late. the time change is kicking our bums over here. so with two seconds to gulp down some waffles and two more seconds to get ready, we headed out the door to make story time at the library. it's a good thing we went too. the librarian read stories about st patrick's day and leprechauns and brooklyn was intrigued. at the end, they hunted a sneaky little leprechaun who left them some treasure, aka book marks and stickers. still, brooklyn was impressed.

then we ran errands. several.

we came home and brooklyn was happy to just play with her toys and do a little bit of beading (which has become her new favorite hobby). my house definitely gets messy when she's using her little imagination, but i try to look past it... and then i make her clean it up.

i've had our easter stuff out ready to decorate with but it's been a slow process. maybe because i have such curious little helpers.

i felt like slow cooking today and i used a recipe from deals to meals (if you haven't looked into this, do it!) for kalua pork sliders. they were delish and super easy to make. just my style.

after we ate way too much pork, we decided to go on a family adventure/walk. we hit up the lagoon/farmington trail and had a great time. brooklyn and james carried big sticks as walking sticks, i pushed kendall in the stroller, and we had a great time looking for animals and basically having the whole trail to ourselves.

i'm sure we're like the last to discover this trail, but if you've never been we highly recommend it. it has a great paved trail and you get to see the animals they have at lagoon pretty close up. we're excited to check it out more this coming summer.

there were cute little painted birdhouses along the way and brooklyn loved 'spying' them.

after while, the sun was going down and kendall was getting anxious for a nap, so we turned around. we were sad to but it made us excited to go back and finish it. james took over stroller duty and kendall was out within minutes. brooklyn and i practiced our skipping, galloping, tip toeing, and running on the way back until her little legs were just too tired. she got a shoulder ride back to the car and that was that.

definitely one of those evenings where i'm grateful for my husband's health, the good health of my children, my health, and the fact that we have time to do things like this together as a family. and we're absolutely looking forward to the weekend!

h a p p y  f r i d a y ... the 13th 

p.s. i have to document things brooklyn's says better or i'm going to forget them all! two nights ago we were getting into james' car to go run some errands. he listens to the book of mormon on cd to and from work and it came on when he turned the car on. brooklyn was getting into her car seat and must have been paying a little bit of attention to the voice reading the scriptures because at one point he said, "in the name of jesus christ," and brooklyn, all strapped into her car seat now and playing with a toy, matter of factly said, "amen." james and i were rolling. it was the cutest funniest thing. she always has us laughing.

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