Thursday, January 8, 2015

the new place.

the house (still nameless) is slowly coming together. after we put Christmas away, it definitely proved to be a lot more empty than we thought. we're loving the location and being so close to salt lake. brooklyn loves the front room that she has fondly named the dancing room.

there are two fireplaces in the house. i have always wanted a fireplace to decorate! but now that i have one err two, i'm struggling to put my hopes and dreams into actual reality. for now, it is housing some of my favorite pieces. the temple was my anniversary gift to james (year seven is wood) that a friend made for me. i absolutely love it! thanks again megan.

and the "y" anthropologie mug is my favorite. james thinks it stands for byu. but really, they were out of r's and a y is a cool random letter. but he can think whatever he wants. love you hun!

we're missing cream gables, but more than that, we miss our neighbors. brooklyn asks about shane every day and whether they'll still get married or not. she's a little confused still about the move and the life changes it may OR may not influence. i love how her little three year old mind works. 

it's a big house to get used to. my in laws have big plans for it and i can't wait to see them unfold. one thing's for sure though, i don't mind cooking with this bad boy.

i have named him phil. 

he looks like a phil. phil and i have big plans for some recipes old and new in the next couple of months. i haven't tried anything too great yet. mac and cheese mostly. we're still getting to know each other.

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