Wednesday, January 7, 2015

mom goals.

during our date night to celebrate our anniversary, james and i talked about goals for our little family for 2015. i was mostly being serious and james was mostly being goofy (our food may have been too delicious to be serious!). so while we did talk about things, nothing was set in stone and written down in list form like i like to do. we talked about a theme for the year and simple weekly goals. again, they're not written down yet so i'll wait to share those later. 

but for now, i'm going to share my "mom goal" for the year. it's a quote that has crossed my path several times this past year and i took that as a sign. 

(credit: pinterest)

i plan on printing this out and hanging it in my room (or bathroom) for the year.

i am definitely one of those mothers who gets caught up in the success of my day depending on finishing my to do lists. i run around like crazy sometimes try to accomplish what i have deemed important for that day and i forget to slow down and take precious time one on one with my girls. my vivacious three year old definitely needs this time. she is so much more happy and content when i take time to listen to her, to talk to her, to teach her, or to let her help me with daily tasks. she loves to help! and usually i'm too busy or trying to hurry too quickly to include her. I WANT TO BE BETTER AT THIS! she needs me to teach her. above all else, i need to a good first teacher for her. kendall gets my attention while i dress her, change her diapers, and nurse her, but i need to spend more time just talking to her. she loves when i'm looking her in the eyes and having actual conversations with her. 

being a mother is my favorite/most rewarding/most frustrating job! i wouldn't trade it for the world. but i need to be better. i'm not trying to put a lot of pressure on myself, i just really like to have little reminders like this quote to keep me focused on the most important things. and if brooklyn wants to learn how to fold towels and her clothes and i know i only have ten good minutes to fold until kendall has a melt down, well by dang, i better turn on my patience, remember this quote, and teach that cute little thing how to fold. 

i'll never regret it.

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